Sounds painful handy. You a medic?

I’m ex-fire crew. Hazard of the Job, it happens. Ashkent this again? Right sure, fine. Yeah, it was here. 

 There was a blaze out by some old complex, a hotel or office block maybe. I can’t remember, but it was a wreck even before the fire, bad wiring and crumbling concrete. A big draw for high schoolers and people who should know better. It got pulled down not long after.

Nope, just get injured a lot. It’s a lot quicker to know how to do a patch up yourself if you can. Not to mention when you’re miles out in the middle of the woods by yourself, you better know how to take care of shit like that.

That’s intense. Can’t blame you for being ex-fire crew after all that. Guessing this happened before I got to town. How long ago was that?


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