All’s Fair at the Fair || Dean and Kaden

The sounds of happy cheers and laughter was starting to grate on Kaden. So was the smell of the “butter” from the popcorn booth. He was starting to wonder why he bothered coming down here. Festivities and celebrations were largely lost on Kaden. They seemed kinda pointless and not as much fun as everyone insisted. The food was usually pretty good, at least, but the atmosphere wasn’t for him. Still, this sort of thing could still be useful to him at the end of the day. And hey, when he was done he could probably grab a beer somewhere on the street on the way back to his shitty apartment.

The one good thing about shit like this was there was a whole lotta people in one place. And a good number of them weren’t people. Not to mention, with that many people, he didn’t have to try so hard to blend in. There were weirdos everywhere. Case and point, his hunter senses were triggering. Now it was only a matter of pinpointing who it could be. Bonus points, it gave him license to move away from the damn popcorn.

Kaden reached into his pocket and grabbed his knife as he wandered forward. He kept his pace steady, looking around as if he was evaluating the booth. Really he was trying to test his senses, play a game of hot or cold with the wolf in question. Seemed like he was headed the right direction, the unmistakable itch that a monster was near was getting stronger by the step.

There was a group of a few people, early 20’s maybe, when he moved closer there was no mistaking one of them was a wolf. He passed them by and headed to the next stall, “reading” the signs and prices for the stupid carnival game in front of him while keeping note of the group’s activity from his peripheral. Kaden focused his hearing to try and make out anything they might be saying. From what he could tell, they were going to split after a few games. He’d have to bide his time til then, watching people fail to knock down milk cans, act like he was waiting for someone.

He rolled the switchblade, Sliver, over in his hand while he waited. That silver blade had seen him through a lot of fights. It was a shame he couldn’t pull it out and get this over with right now, but considering his necklace of trophies was out, he couldn’t afford to draw too much attention.

The cacophony of clangs and clatters coming from the ring toss nearby where the kids were made it pretty clear Kaden wasn’t going to have to worry about the being the one to stand out in the crowd. His head whipped around to see the scene full on. Looked like one of the boys didn’t know his own strength.


The kid seemed to try and apologize before running off, away from his friends. Bad move for him. Great for Kaden. He tried to keep his smirk in check as he headed off a few steps behind him. After a block or so, almost out of the festival, his prey streated to catch on that he was being followed and picked up his pace. Kaden’s pulse picked up as he matched it. He pitched left or right to try and direct his prey’s turns and it worked. Kid was headed right for an alley. Kaden could feel the adrenaline pumping already as he flipped out his knife. His prey was right in his sights. Cornered and panicking. Nothing was going to stop Kaden from making the kill now. This was almost too easy.



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