Caught Blue Handed || Kaden and Evelyn

The rustle of leaves jolted Kaden to attention. He was damn near about to fall asleep if he had to wait in those bushes much longer. That early start had seemed like a good idea when he headed out to Ironwood Forest this morning. That was when he only planned on laying down traps, of course, not staking out a monster. He could never resist a hunt, though. When he saw those tracks off the beaten path, clearly human or humanoid, he knew there had to be something worth looking for. Following them was an easy decision. The waiting was the hard part. He’d followed the path toward some caves. Hard to say what was in there but it looked like he was about to find out. About damn time, too. 

He peaked through the branches and saw some sort of humanoid… thing. No doubting it was a monster, though. Ugly son of a bitch. He could see the red eyes on her from here. He notches in arrow into his bow and pulled back his arm, setting up his aim. When it yawned, it bared it’s giant row of teeth. Merde. He’d never seen anything like this before, running through his knowledge of monsters, he still couldn’t place it. It didn’t matter much, he was going to kill it either way, but it’d be nice to have some sorta clue what would make this easier. Silver tipped arrow should do some sorta damage no matter what, though. Before he could be spotted, he zeroed in, lined up the heart, or near to as he could, and let the arrow fly.

It zipped and landed in the beast with a thud. The scream was ear piercing. Good thing he was used to that sorta thing. In one swift motion, Kaden threw his bow on his back and leaped out of the bushes, pulling out his knife. Whatever it was, it wasn’t dead. Yet. Missed the heart, still wasn’t going to give the thing a chance to retaliate if he could help it. He kicked out at it, but she was fast and clawed at him, digging her nails into his leg and dragging him down. Kaden rolled with the momentum and sprung up, lashing his knife out at the creature. He caught its arm, blue blood spurted out. Shit, was that a mara? Didn’t look anything like one. The moment’s hesitation was enough to get another slash from the monster, this one aimed as his face. He didn’t turn in time to avoid the gash across the side of his face. 

Enough of this shit. Kaden threw himself at the monster and pinned it down, pulling his knife across the thing’s throat. It still struggled for a second, then sputtered as the blue blood gurgled out and its life drained away. Kaden stood and sheathed his knife while it died. Figured he should at least wait til it stopped breathing to examine it and try and figure out what the fuck this was. Went down easy enough but, damn. This wasn’t a typical mara, he knew that much, He kneeled back down and pulled the arrow out of its chest and started wiping it on his jeans. He was already covered in blue splatters at this point, as well as some of his own blood, what was a little more? He glanced around, listening to make sure he was still alone. Who would really be up here?


There was a blonde not too far off. Fuck. “Uhh…” Yeah he couldn’t even begin to explain this. Maybe best to let her go first.



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