I sense friction Why not?

Hourwise, you would have to work eight hours but that can often push into overtime, since dispatch is a twenty-four service — including holidays and weekends. [user links to a dispatch application]

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or a GED equivalent.
  • Minimum one (1) year experience providing high-volume customer service in a fast-paced environment that required multi-tasking, initiative, & active problem-solving.  One (1) year emergency dispatch experience preferred.
  • Correctable vision of 20/30.
  • Ability to pass an Audiogram Test.
  • Ability to type 20 words per minute.
  • Must be able to complete basic telecommunication course within 6 months of hire.
  • Ability to speak clearly in a well modulated voice with good diction.
  • Pass a written entrance exam, background investigation, psychological test, physical examination, and oral review board survey. Ability to pass an aptitude test.
  • Ability to complete and return a personal history statement within a given length of time.
  • Capacity to learn the operation of telephone and radio communications, operating requirements and techniques.
  • Capacity to learn the street system and geography of the city and adjacent areas.
  • Ability to develop, within a reasonable training time, skill and speed in the operation of telephone, radio communications, CRT, and related communications equipment, together with a knowledge of public safety functions and procedures.
  • Ability to think and act quickly, accurately and calmly in emergency situations.
  • Capability to keep records and operate telecommunications terminal at a working rate of speed.
  • Competency to coordinate several different activities at the same time.
  • Ability to serve citizens in a diplomatic manner, while exercising good emotional control.

I’m of the mind that the rules are meant to be broken. Somehow I get the feeling that doesn’t line up too well with working in law enforcement.

Well that’s a long list of requirements. And here I don’t even pass the first one. Let’s just say school wasn’t for me. Didn’t have time for that between killing monsters. Too bad. Could have been really useful to get all that insight on potential supernatural activity.


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