Name: Kaden Langley
Species: Human (Hunter)
Occupation: None
Age: 30 Years Old
Played by: Liz
Face Claim: Gaspard Ulliel

“Oh, I’m sorry, was he one of the good ones? Maybe you should experience your pal here on a full moon, then we’ll talk.”

Kaden has one goal in life— to kill.

Growing up was insanely harsh on young Kaden. His parents had both known about demons and monsters by the time they reached puberty. They had even met killing a pack of werewolves. So when his parents, Grace and Elijah Langley, had fallen in love over their common interests and opinions, they agreed to be partners in justice.

Since the moment he could speak, Kaden knew about the demons that roamed the world. He didn’t understand at first, but being locked in a room with a vampire at ten years old forced him to turn it to dust or die. Kaden had to learn to survive in the wolf eat dog world. Die or die trying. Every day he would train and learn how to master the killing of these awful creatures. Werewolves, demons, vampires, fae… anything that wasn’t human deserved to die. It was in Kaden’s blood, and he didn’t know anything else. After his parents were both killed by werewolves at the age of fifteen, it made him hate them even more, if that was possible. Of course, he had killed the beasts, but that wasn’t enough for him. He traveled all over the world; born in France, lived in Germany, then Canada, and now Ashkent Creek in the grand ol’ USA.

Kaden built up his arsenal, arming himself with a large variety of weapons. He was ready to make the world safe again. He believed that nothing that wasn’t fully human could possibly have feelings or care about others– they didn’t deserve to live. He learned to hone his enhanced senses, to beat werewolves at their own game. His parents might’ve been dead, but he would use their training and carry on their legacy. Both for the good of the world, and to get his revenge on the creatures that spent their nights killing.

Hunters and slayers were usually thought to be a myth in the supernatural world, but with a spike in supernatural activity seen in Ashkent Creek, that might’ve been about to change. Despite the town’s active energy, it was almost surprising how peaceful things were. Sure, the slayers dusted vampires and the hunters got their wolves, but other creatures were given a pass. He was ready to shake things up; it was what they needed. At heart, Kaden knew they all wanted the same thing, but wasn’t on the same page as them. No mercy could be shown. But to most effectively kill monsters, a little finesse would be required. He planned on befriending the town’s local hunters and slayers to gain their trust. To make himself seem less suspicious. On the side, while they aren’t paying attention, he’ll slaughter all their little monster friends. They would come to think of things his way, and eventually thank him.

Character Facts:

  • Personality: Fearless, Impulsive, determined, rude, small-minded, violent, dangerous, serious
  • In Kaden’s world view, humans with supernatural abilities get a pass, since despite their talents they’re still human. As long as they aren’t a threat.
  • Has a necklace made of werewolf teeth that he always wears. He conceals it underneath his shirt when has to.
  • Though it’s possible for him to someday make exceptions when it comes to killing non-humans (development is needed for him to reach this point), he will never forgive werewolves.
  • Kaden likes naming his weapons.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Superior knowledge of demonology.
  • Superior in all kinds of melee and ranged weaponry, but inexperienced at hand to hand combat.
  • Standard hunter abilities.

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