So not long at all! What brings you here? 

Yes, I’ve been here around seven years, I think? I teach at the local high school. Um. This isn’t a normal town but I don’t think it fits the shooting and stabbing Well maybe since so much shit happens but I’m afraid I don’t know where you could use those skills… but most of the restaurants in town could use help. Or maybe you could get work being a security guard at the university, or somewhere else that could use some protection? 

Nope, fresh off the bus. Heard this was the place to be, that’s all. Thought I’d check out Ashkent Creek and see just how normal the town was. I’ve heard some stuff. 

Huh. Good for you. I didn’t bother with high school as a student, I can’t imagine electively spending any more time there than you had to. Guess someone has to do it, though. 

Not the worst ideas I’v heard. I’ll look around town. Just need to find somewhere that pays and has flexible hours. Can’t be too hard.


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