Anything can be fixed with the right tools. I just don’t have any leads on what might be causing it or how to fix it yet. But someone’s got to sometime right? Just a matter of time until someone dies or almost dies trying to figure it out.

Anything can be fixed but someone has to die trying first? Talk about inspirational. Can’t wait to read your self help book.

So you’re going to try and fix it? Got any suspicions on what’s actually going on in that case?



The self esteem thing? Yeah, that works.

That’s real convincing. Try it again, with feeling this time.

[pm] Are you seriously a ghost? Didn’t know ghosts could type unless they’re possessing someone. 


I was under the impression that the internet was a digital thing that couldn’t be seen. 

Although that would be very weird. 

Although you never know, I might have been the one to ask it. 

But you’ve still not answered the question.

Whoop-de-doo, being real damn literal right there. You know what I meant. 

I did answer the question. It depends on how much they’re willing to pay. Just cause you don’t like my answer doesn’t mean I didn’t answer. No one said “give the specific amount in US dollars.”


Because no one would pay you $5 to eat a lemon, let alone $500. Besides it was a hypothetical question, not a business proposition. 

Have you seen the internet? People pay for all kinds of weird things. Like used socks. So I’m not ruling out the lemon. I mean someone asked.

And either way, you’re making it sound like you were the one asking.