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Happy a year closer to death day.

Not really. They are about making you feel like the day you were born somehow matters.

Well you’re a ray of fucking sunshine. I bet you host the best birthday parties ever with a cheery disposition like that.


So I won a cannon. If you’re wondering I am being completely literal. I’ve gotten, a literal cannon.

Any suggestions as to what I should do with it?

Could give it to war re-enactor people, they’d probably love it. That or you could buy a ship and put it there. 


It’s more of a local college kid atmosphere. Quiz nights, sports games, that sort of thing. And Soul on the Rocks is cool sometimes. It can get a little weird though on slow nights, which is why I stick to good ole Dells. 

Explains why I’ve never gone. Especially considering I’m no college kid. Not really my kind of scene. 

hunting for deals | Kaden&Cahill


With how close Kalani Auto Repair was to the Silver Bullet, it wasn’t uncommon for hunters and the like to come in. Some of them were less than genial when they knew there were werewolves around. For the hunters without hard bounds as to who they would go after and who they wouldn’t, it posed an interesting business model. Most would have questioned his choice to put the shop where he did, but Cahill stood by the choice. Even when it brought clients that were less than friendly.

As Kaden pulled up, Cahill was looking out towards the man and offering a rather welcoming smile. As far as he was concerned, as long as someone was there for a repair, he’d offer them the same level of service. It didn’t hurt that as soon as he saw the man’s car, he would’ve been willing to do the work for free. “Morning,” he replied in kind, before looking past him at the car and whistling slightly.

“Sweet Jesus, she’s gorgeous though.” Stepping out of the garage, not really bothering to go pull on his shoes before doing so, he was walking over to look at the car’s bumper a little more closely. Crouching, he ran his hand lightly over the fender and the bump that had been the result of someone not paying nearly enough attention when driving next to a car as nice as this. 

Looking up at Kaden without moving from his spot, he was raising his eyebrows. “Got a time frame we need to stay in? Shouldn’t take too long but I have to move some things before I can pull her in.” With the way he had his bike spread out over the garage floor currently, he’d have to relocate a few things before he had the space for it. He didn’t mind the interruption from his own work, though; it gave him something new to focus on rather than the consistent need to improve upon his bike and the modifications he put into it.

“If you are looking to get out soon, I could probably have you out in an hour or two? Can’t say for sure until I actually get her in there, but,” It was a little rushed to make sure he got things done perfectly, but he wasn’t sure what he was looking at here. That, and he wasn’t sure how willing this man was to wait around. As he straightened up, he kept his attention specifically on Kaden. Knowing full well that he’d left a bloodied shirt on the ground inside the garage, it was better if he was keeping the man’s attention outside of it–at least until he could get that taken care of.

The shop looked decent enough and the guy there clearly knew what he was looking at when he checked out the car. Of course. Because it would be his fucking luck that he rolled up to a werewolf auto repair shop. Did they even know how close they were to a damn hunter bar? They had to, right? There was no fucking way this was a coincidence. Not in this town. Which, speaking of, if this was the kind of shit that happened it looked like Kaden would be there cleaning up monsters for quite a while. Wouldn’t be boring, he guessed that much.

“Sweet Jesus, she’s gorgeous though.”

“Thanks.” Kaden felt a little stupid for the small swell of pride he got when someone complimented his handiwork. He sure as shit didn’t need anyone’s approval, it was dumb to put too much stock in praise and crap like that. “Should’ve seen her when I got her. That dent is nothing compared to what she used to look like.” He clenched his jaw as he watched the guy run his hands over the car. No doubt he was being gentle and respectful and all that. Didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t a huge fan of other people touching the car. Probably a good thing to get over sooner rather than later. 

“Got a time frame we need to stay in? Shouldn’t take too long but I have to move some things before I can pull her in. If you are looking to get out soon, I could probably have you out in an hour or two? Can’t say for sure until I actually get her in there, but,”

He shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever it takes, doesn’t bother me. I can wait.” If there was one place he didn’t mind wasting a day in, it was a repair shop. Not to mention, he could start investigating and hunting this wolf while he waited. “I won’t cry over missing my shift, that’s for sure,” he added with huffed laugh. He wouldn’t miss passing out shoes, no way. This was far more interesting. 

He took a step or two, scuffing the dirt on the driveway with his boot, and looked past the mechanic there to get a look at the actual garage. He could only afford a quick glance at the moment, the other guy was trying to hold his attention and all, but it was enough. For now. The bike in there was really something, even if it was in pieces at the moment. It was hard not to stare at that in the second or so of glances he got, but he managed to tear his gaze away to get a better look at the rest of it. Pretty sure that was a bloodied shirt on the ground. Add that to the hunter senses and he might get to start a hunt while getting his car fixed up. Good deal. 

“Nice set up you’ve got there,” he said, looking back at the man. There was the slight problem of it possibly (and most likely) being the mechanic. Yeah, it was hard to say just yet if this guy was the wolf in question or not. His hunter senses were good, sure, better than any novice, but they weren’t perfect. Still could be someone else in the shop or someone nearby. But the odds were on him. Which meant at some point Kaden was gonna be forced to kill him. Shame, too, if he ran a decent place. He’d hate to lose out on good handiwork but monsters were monsters. Sure, he seemed nice enough, but that didn’t change what he was. It didn’t undo what happened at least 3 nights a month. Maybe he’d hold off til he was on his way out of town, whenever that was. Well, only if the guy ran good prices. 


Is it? I guess to humans it’s a big deal That’s an interesting way of looking at it. But it’s good! You aren’t controlled by a number!  

I mean I got the impression, yeah. People start lying about their age right around 30 and pretend they’re 25 or some shit. Not sure why 30 is any different from 29 other than the 3 but so says society. How bout you? How over the hill are you?


Happy birthday! How old are you? I’m not buying you drinks though

Thanks. Just turned 30. Which I guess is a big deal or something to some people but far as I’m concerned, it’s just another year same as all the others.


And thus is the miracle of life. Messy but rewarding. And I’m usually at Dell’s Tavern on the weekends, as its the easiest and more normal place to get a beer in this town. 

Dell’s Tavern? Don’t think I stumbled onto that one yet. I’ll have to check it out. I was at Soul on the Rocks the other night. Interesting place. Good music, though.


Oh, I’m sorry! 

However, to the point of cookies – I make amazing cookies. Or so I’ve been told.

Don’t worry about it, it’s been like that for… huh. I guess over half my life now. Point is, not too bothered by it anymore.

In that case, like I said, I wouldn’t say no to cookies. If you happened to want to make some.